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Post  Admin on Wed May 19, 2010 7:20 pm

You may use this image to plan out your city.
City Halls (RED) are always at the city's center.
You have an inner wall and an outer wall (GREY), on which are 8+16 tower slots (BLACK)

Efficient Resource Layout Citygridlarge1

When you start a new city, many of your slots are initially filled with resources. These resources pose several problems that you need to work around.

The main problem is that your city setup is not regular: your center is a 9x9 square, with the center already blocked, and the corners lopped off. So it is not perfect.

Second, you face a building limitation. You have a 100-building cap with a fully upgraded Town Hall (level 10). There is no way to get around this limit: any building placed somewhere means a building removed from somewhere else. This creates a need to get the most efficient resource management in the least amount of space.

The net result is that the optimal placement will depend heavily on your city goal. Depending on your resource placement, it's perfectly possible to keep some resource fields intact in the 4 outer quadrants of your city to squeeze as much efficiency out of your city as you can.

For a generic and balanced city that builds armies and produces stuff resources, the optimal setup is to reserve the center for your resource production. To do this, you need to *destroy all existing natural resource squares in the inner circle of your city*. The reason for this is that resource fields are useful in the short-term, but inefficient long-term. The order you should destroy resource fields is as follows:

  1. Any resource field that falls where a production building would be has to go first.
  2. Any resource field that falls where an overbooster (sawmill, stonemason, or foundry) would go goes.
  3. The last resource fields that go are the ones where cottages go and should be destroyed when you start building level 5 cottages.

To get the most out of your resource fields before you destroy them (as you build your layout), put the partial clusters next to their favored resources. So don't begin the game by destroying all your resources, just slowly destroy them as needed by queue-ing up overnight.

It should end up somewhat like this:

Efficient Resource Layout Citygridlarge

That is the optimal, or "sandwhich" model: one layer of production, one layer of cottages, one layer of production, one layer of cottages, and so on. The cottages are placed judiciously so you can place one "overbooster" next to as many production buildings, with every building having at most one, since overboosters are not stackable like cottages.

So, you pick which production to assign to the 4 complete clusters (my suggestion for your starter city: 1 wood, 2 stone, 1 iron), then the 2 corner half-clusters (2nd one wood, 2nd one iron), then you pick what will be the production of the unboosted four squares (suggestion: 2 will be wood, 2 will be iron). Summary: Build the major clusters first, then the corners, then fill in the last 4 extra spots.I left them blank in the diagram because it matters on what kind of city production you want.

Here are some calculations to demonstrate the efficiency of this model:

Resouce# of BasicsBase Prod. per Basic

Overboosters' bonus is calculated AFTER all the Cottage bonuses have been added, which is how it works in-game.

Calculations for Individual Woodcutter's Huts
Base Production# of CottagesTotal Cottage BounusOverbooster BonusTotal Bonus# in GridTotal Production
3002200%=60075%=.75(300+600)=6751575 34725

Doing the same for the other resources gives you 29925 Stone/hr and 23100 Iron/hr without adding in the 4 extra squares.

Total Buildings = 65 (not including the 4 extra squares)

That is for industry. Farms, training and gold obey slightly different models and lead to slightly different rules. For farms, for instance, it's far more efficient, per building, to place them next to 8 empty plots than it is placing them next to Mills and Cottages. If you have lakes, it's even better. Do not use Cottages or Mills to "boost" your farms. A farm on an empty plot has a 200% bonus (produce 300% food). Since a fully upgraded Cottage removes 25% bonus from an adjacent farm and adds 50% instead, to produce more food than a farm it would need to boost 12 farms and it cannot borders more than 8. Same goes for Mills, except the Mill would need to boost 6 farms. Short version: food production... requires farmland. Nothing more.

You want to dedicate two outer quadrants of your city with the most lakes to farmland. Destroy EVERY resource field (during your nightly queues) in those quadrants except lakes. You may have to cram two farms next to each other, in a 3x4 plot because space is still a premium, like so:

. . . .
. F . .
. . F .
. . . .

Or, alternatively, you use 3 corners for farmland, and run your warehouses on the edge of a wall.

Military efficiency is much more complicated.

Thanks to Xalara for giving me this idea and Ukerric from the Fires of Heaven forums for providing a post to start from. Smile
Originally posted by Kryllik

I basically with a new city do the following:

  • Upgrade immediately to TH lvl 5 (hopefully you are sending resources or have a spare toolkit).
  • I then proceed to fill out the entire middle with the production/cottages ignoring the resource nodes that are currently there. I also then get marketplaces for trading.
  • Then i continue to upgrade the production/cottages till the first night where i start nuking resource nodes in the least efficient to most. Usually after 2 days i have most of the resources that I do not want to keep and my middle is completely full and at least 5/6 everything.
  • I always keep my cottages 1 level ahead of my production.

Originally posted by Dynadan

Balance Resource town, just a thought so you don't fill up early on.

Efficient Resource Layout Balanc11

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Efficient Resource Layout Empty Re: Efficient Resource Layout

Post  Guest on Thu May 20, 2010 4:22 pm

Efficient Resource Layout Resour10

This is what I'm using as a more balanced build. Includes all your military buildings and a lot more gold per hour.


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Efficient Resource Layout Empty Re: Efficient Resource Layout

Post  Guest on Thu May 20, 2010 7:34 pm

And for those of you who don't have it, use the tool from the below link to plan your cities. It's what we use and it has helped us all.

Lord of Ultima City Planner

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Efficient Resource Layout Empty Re: Efficient Resource Layout

Post  Guest on Mon May 24, 2010 8:54 pm

@ezeckial - That lone little townhouse at the bottom can be better utilized by being moved next to the marketplace


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Efficient Resource Layout Empty Re: Efficient Resource Layout

Post  Guest on Sun May 30, 2010 8:33 am

Ezeckial, i have few opinions about you´re plan.
This is resource city, dont build castle. You cant get very efficient attack troops anyway. Focus on recruiting single supportunit type, like crossbows / paladins --> better recruitment speed and pallys are great raiders. Aim for 4k-6k army size.
Food production is definetely maximun. You should build resource buildings in the middle, more efficient.

Very good setup for basic resource city: http://www.lordofultima.com/en/wiki/view/standard+first+city+layout
You can mix resource buildings to suit you´re needs.


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Efficient Resource Layout Empty Re: Efficient Resource Layout

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