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Here some various tools to help you experiment with city layouts and locations:

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Originally posted by Nortain
So I spent most of last night and some of this morning working out a relatively simple combat calculator for this game. I have done some tests and it's results don't seem too far off.

One thing it made me realize is the huge benefit morale can play in combat, or at least in the numbers this calculator showed. I would try to explain it more but I'm not sure how helpful it'll be but I will try to give a break down.
Basically you put in values for the number of each kind of attack, each kind of defender and the static conditions that exist, the only one I haven't implemented yet is Night protection which wouldn't be too hard to add but I'm so lazy i'm surprised I did this much work.

Anyway by putting in the numbers you will see all sorts of things populate but the key value to look at is the Win:Loss Att v Def column.
This column essentially gives you a win loss ratio for the attacker or defender. The higher the number the better so if the attacker has a value of 6.1 that is saying that for every 1 TS lost on the attackers side the defender should lose 6. Again it's not exact and without knowing the specific amount of TS blocked by their traps and number of units benefited from their towers it'll be hard to know just how close this really is. But on a general level I have used this to compare reports in combat I've had in pvp situations and it does seem that the numbers have been fairly accurate. Feel free to post any questions you might have about this.

[EDIT]Now this is so easy even your dead grandma could use it. Simply put in the numbers and guesstimate the static defenses if you don't for sure know them and the system will estimate the total loss of TS for both the defender and the attacker. I might work on this more later on to give estimated resource loss based on the types of troops attacking but for now it just deals with total army strength


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